ClojuTRE (09/2018)

ClojuTRE is an awesome conference. While being one of the largest Clojure conferences in Europe, it still has a very familiar atmosphere. Maybe due to the saunas and the friendly Metosin people who organize it?

I presented my side project in which I tracked all food I ate and lots of other activities for 3 months or so, yielding a spreadsheet with 1700 rows. The aim was to analyze whether there are certain things which influence my mental focus. The biggest finding was that sleeping longer correlates with a drop in concentration which seems very weird.

Django Meetup (04/2018)

We hosted a Django Meetup at Merantix. I talked about my dating app Philter which I had coded while applying for jobs – the backend of it was actually done using Django REST framework!

DRG-Forum (03/2018)

I talked at the DRG-Forum, the largest conference in Germany for hospital managers, bringing together people from research, politics and business.

I gave a brief introduction into what Machine / Deep Learning is by walking the audience through the process of creating a cat vs. dog classifier. Note my creative animal names (Yoda, Godzilla, ..).

Then, I talked about potential applications of “AI” in Medicine.

Note: Talk is in German. Animal names are universal.

Clojure Berlin Meetup (12/2017)

This was my first ever Clojure Meetup so I went all in and gave a talk presenting the medical image viewer we (or rather, I) had just started building at Merantix.

I focused mainly on the problem of synchronizing state between “html-dom-land” and “three.js webgl – land”. The latter is difficult to hook up to re-frame because all those three.js objects are quite mutable by nature.